Zuccini Chick Pea Garlic Bites

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Zuccini Chick Pea Garlic Bites


-1 Tsp Fresh Basil

-1 Tsp Fine Ginger

-1 Tsp Fine Garlic

-1 Cup Zuccini Grated

-1 Tsp Fresh Parsley

-¾ cup of self raising flour

-1 Egg

-1 Pinch Salt and Pepper

( Optional : 1 Pinch Paprika can be added for spicy flavour)

-1/3 Cup Bread Crumbs

-1 Cup Canned Chick Peas


Mix all the ingredients together to make a dough. Make small portions out of that dough and spray them with olive oil, than roll them or cover them with bread crumbs. Grease tray with oil and place dough bites on them. Bake it for 30 Mins.

( Tip : To get crispy and evenly baked balls, Place dough balls in fridge for 30 mins prior to baking)