What Benefits does 'Masala tea' Offer?

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

What Benefits 'Masala tea' Offers?

Relieves Pain and Inflammation:

Masala chai constitutes a whole array of spices like, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and (tulsi) holy basil. Every spice have its own individual health benefits. In Masala chai, all spices benefits works in synergy to relieve inflammation. Most important ingredient 'Ginger' have the ability to stop the synthesis of prostaglandins (a major player in the initiation of the inflammation process) to control inflammation.

Another important ingredient is 'Clove'. It has anti-inflammatory compound 'eugenol' that helps to reduce inflammation in the muscles. Together both these spices are very potent painkillers.

Beat The Fatigue: It is a wonderful experience having a hot cup of 'Masala chai' after a long hard day’s work. 'Tannins' contained in this tea revitalizes the body. Moreover, 'caffeine' though present in a small quantity, act as a CNS-stimulant to induce alertness. Combined action of both 'tannins' and 'caffeine' acts as the best way to drive away fatigue.

Relieves cold and flu:

Masala chai is infused with the goodness of all spices to improves immune defence system and keep common infections at bay. All its constituent spices have the antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. Also, the immune boosting effects of clove, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger helps to keep coughs and colds at bay.

Improves digestion:

'Chai' on its own is highly acidic in nature. On adding ginger as a condiment it becomes a 'Masala chai', with a great digestive action and in fact cuts out the acidic nature of the tea. Apart from this, clove and cardamom also help to improve digestion by increasing the amount of saliva production and inducing peristalsis (the movement of food down the digestive tract).

Friendly for Heart: 'Black tea', as one of the main constituent of masala chai has strong anti-oxidant properties. Spices like 'clove' and 'cardamom help to reduce the amount of plaque formation of arterial blocks by decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol and improving the good cholesterol. The 'tannins' help to regulate heart rate and blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels.

Helps in Weight Loss:

An active and good metabolism is usually associated with improving digestive system and weight loss. 'Ayurveda' also confirms the 'tea' role as a heat generating food and speeding up metabolism.

Controls Diabetes:

Spices like 'clove', 'cinnamon' and 'cardamom by increasing the insulin sensitivity in the body are known to prevent diabetes and lowering one’s blood sugar levels. 'Cinnamon' helps to keep the mind sharp and prevent the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s, while 'clove' can help body to better utilize sugars.

Relieves Pre-menstrual Syndromes (PMS):

As a natural friend to fight the symptoms of MS, 'Masala chai'helps to relax muscles and calm nerves for a happy mood. As potent painkillers, cardamom, clove and cinnamon help to deal with the painful periods.