Ever wondered how to make an Ice cold chai tea? Wonder no more!

Updated: May 30, 2018

Recipe for Iced chai tea .

-3 tbsp of Chaium tea

-3 tbsp of honey /Agave syrup (quantity of sweetness depends on your taste you can add sugar or more honey to make it more sweeter)

-2 drops of vanilla

-Half lemon

For garnish

-Couple of lemon slice

-Mint leaves

-Ice cubes.


For 2 glass of iced chai tea we have to make chai concentrate first for which please boil 200 ml of water with 3 tbsp of Chaium, once its boiled , strain it and keep it a side. In a Jug add 300ml of cold water and ice and rest of all ingredients together, add the concentrate of chai stir every thing together add ice and shake it well. When the iced chai is ready add lemon slice and mint leaves.