Chaium is a premium gourmet hand blended and crafted  tea made with fresh ingredients. Our fragrant spices, herbs and condiments are handpicked to deliver an irresistible and addictive aftertaste which will take you straight to the origin of chai tea. We source our Black tea from India from organic plantation. Chaium is a Melbourne base chai tea where we use fresh local produce, we use backyard honey to support our locals ,in Chaium we use all natural ingredients no preservatives or artificial flavours. We make small batches of chai tea as you can taste the freshness in each sip. Our promise is to deliver you  a symphony of flavours in each sip of your tea.


Ritu Kapoor

The Creator of Chaium, Ritu Kapoor is no stranger to the Food & Beverage industry. This doting mother of two, a loving wife, counsellor and master of blending has done it all. This vivacious food connoisseur has helped in creating successful Pizzerias, to Grills and Cafés and is deeply passionate about serving great tasting and new flavours. In her long list of accolades the most recent is the Herlard Sun, featuring her venture WindChimes Café as east Melbourne finest top 10 cafes. It was at WindChimes Café where she first introduced her signature blend of Chai. The fact that it became an instant hit encouraged Ritu to launch her blend as a standalone label.


Ritu's Paternal uncle and God Father, Dr. Rakesh Khera,  holds a degree  in alternative medicine(ND.MD) with rich experience of 25 years practicing  homeopathy, naturopathy, Batchflower therapy and Ayurveda in New Delhi India.  Ritu was raised in a large joint family where food was celebrated not only for physical nourishment 

But also for its therapeutic and healing properties.There was a home remedy for almost every ailment (eg. Masala tea with honey lemon ginger and turmeric is commonly used household remedy ).Ritu wants to share this ancient art of fusion of herbs and spices in the purest and natural form through her creative recipes and signature drink Chaium.